How can you partner with us?

At IIMT Studies, we know the value of working together. We break down barriers and get involved; we collaborate across disciplines, cultures and countries to solve global problems; and we transform people's lives by making positive change across the world. While we collaborate, we have below areas to cover.

Business Engagement Services / IIMT Studies Association

We aim to support the brands build their rapport in the global academic market with internationalisation of their courses, services and studies with a sustainable business collaboration. Here, how you can collaborate with us.

  • Association of Programmes
  • Short term study visa
  • Joint Virtual Training and Capsule Learning
  • Short Courses

Universities, Institutions and Corporate bodies who want to associate with IIMT Studies must read the Policies before moving forward for the enquiry.

Please send any questions please connect us to

Joint Virtual Training and Capsule Learning

The global business market has customised education needs which we try fulfilling by various possible ways. It covers Virtual Trainings and Capsule Learnings.

  • Organizing online trainings.
  • Conducting the Certified Training programs imparting knowledge and skills of a few specific areas.
  • Occupational Certified Training Programs with the online assessment.
Short Courses

Short courses are skill based, high in demand programmes specifically for those who do not wish to spend much time studying full time courses and wants to enjoy a few months of the studies. Such courses have below flexibilities.

  • Short Course Duration
  • Key Learnings
  • Student-friendly Classroom Environment

Many of our distance-learning and online programmes are split into courses or modules that can be studied individually. Short courses are useful for continuing professional development, refreshing your knowledge, or exploring a new area of interest.